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Always engaging the listener emotionally with her compositions, LA-based, New York-raised, US singer/songwriter Emily James makes a return with another gripping and powerful song. Titled “I Saw Your Face”, this new record is accompanied by an equally stunning music video.


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…Emily relocated to Los Angeles in the summer of 2017 and has been writing and producing for her forthcoming EP. Whetting our appetites for this release, we hear another chapter in her ever-unfolding story “I Saw Your Face”. A slow-burning, emotionally intimate ballad that shirks any modern trend, James wears her heart on her sleeve, sharing her aperture on modern love.


B-Sides and badlands

It can hurt to let go even the most unhealthy of relationships. It’s a mark of courage to shed your past and recover your self-worth. “It’s time to listen to your own voice,” prompts New York’s Emily James, who wears her scars as badges of honor. “Never Chase a Boy,” originally released back in 2016, gets a second wind with a fervent, folk-bent acoustic rendering. The guitar weeps behind her as she navigates the burning out of a relationship, one in which she lost the very essence of who she was, and James’ performance displays both imposing restraint and power. “It hurts to look back on all the times he held your hand / You gave him all you had / He took it and ran,” she paints in evocative strokes, unthreading the pain to move on, once and for all. Through the stark lens of recovery, she is able to impart sage wisdom far beyond her years and heal the remaining jagged edges of her own heart. “So afraid of losing him / That you’re losing yourself…”


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I first stumbled across singer-songwriter Emily James with her brilliant, empowering jazz-pop single ‘Nobody’s Baby’. A track designed for relaxed, Sunday morning style listening. It formed the perfect introduction to this talented artist on the rise. She’s since entranced me with a succession of strong singles and her mighty debut album ‘Til The Morning’…


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Emily James – “Can’t Say Goodbye”
We’ve covered James in the past, including an interview with her. It’s really exciting to hear her pop singer songwriter style continue to evolve. This track is particularly strong with an epic piano and some soaring vocals. The use of dynamics, thoughtful lyrics, and impressive production all come together wonderfully on this one.



Emily James has released her beautiful piano ballad Can’t Say Goodbye recently and it sounds amazing. I really like the delicate piano keys and the breathtaking vocal performance. Beside, the lyrics are great written, it is so raw and pure. The talented Emily James has a golden voice and she sounds very convincingly. Can’t Say Goodbye is a song that needs to be heard!



LA-based, young American singer/songwriter Emily James has released her first single of the year. “Can’t Say Goodbye” fits into her signature style of hauntingly powerful indie-pop. The self-written, self-produced song gets the 19-year-old New York native compositing a heartbreaking piece which is backed by gripping piano melodies.


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Can’t Say Goodbye is a new release from American singer-songwriter Emily James, and it truly is a beautiful song.

It’s a sad piano based ballad, and Emily’s soft vocals really help to portray the melancholy tale contained within the lyrics. She chose to keep the song bare on purpose, and this definitely seems to have been a good idea. Check the track out below – it’s simply heartbreaking to hear.



James’s single, “Can’t Say Goodbye” is a moving ballad with James singing and playing piano. The ballad was written and produced by James, who chose to keep the track unadorned and bare. James explains, "I wanted the production to help convey the raw emotions surrounding a relationship that doesn't survive but is very difficult to let go of." Although the song is a ‘break-up’ song, it still speaks to the love that remains amidst sadness and regret. With a steady chordal pattern on the piano, James’ warm voice sings the catchy melody. The melody has a nice shape with an emotional descending figure that fits the lyrics perfectly. James’ voice sounds full and there are well-placed vocal harmonies that build the track. The track builds very nicely, climaxing with vocal counterpoint and harmonies and James’ strong falsetto voice. James’ wonderful vocal range, including her great falsetto, as well as the exceptional choir-like harmony vocals gives an emotional listening experience. James is certainly one to watch and that’s the short of it!


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Los Angeles-based nineteen-year-old independent singer/songwriter Emily James has just released her brand new single Can't Say Goodbye. I am a sucker for piano ballads and this one is right up my alley. This heartbreaking and moving piano ballad was written and produced by Emily who chose to keep the track raw and unfiltered. I am loving her powerful vocals and how they perfectly convey the emotion of the lyrics that depict the outcome of a breakup. Emily showcases here her incredible songwriting and producing talents and has given us a perfect gem packed with raw emotion. Stream it below!


Yellow & Black

We’ve been crazy about Emily James’s latest since the day of it’s release. Titled ‘Foreign Land’Emily James delivers an unique and creative style, and she poured her heart and soul into this song. For fans of this type of music, you’re in for a real treat.


Two Story Melody

Remember the first time you fell in love? It felt magical, almost ethereal, like the feelings you shared with your beloved were not of this world. But, love can also be scary.

We see this fear of love in Emily James’s “Foreign Land”.  A pop-influenced singer-songwriter from New York, James recently released an acoustic version of the track which strips away its pop textures, leaving some light acoustic guitar and James’s moving voice.

The singer’s vocals dominate in this acoustic piece. This stripped down version really brings out the soul in her voice.

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Uranium Waves

Having lived all her life surrounded and influenced by various musical sonorities, the New York singer Emily James has managed to put together a unique sound signature that incorporates Pop, Rock and Folk noises. Her latest single entitled “Foreign land” is a composition that we strongly recommend you to listen to, not only because it oozes a lot of emotions but also because the built is particularly interesting. Moreover, Emily’s amazing vocal performance will immerse you in a sort of colorful and warm ambiance. Stream below. [ Ps: The acoustic version for this is also available now on Spotify].


B-sides and badlands

Folksmith Emily James exerts balls of energy on an acoustic reworking of her song “Foreign Land.” She generously slides across the melody like a bird in easy flight above the clouds. Her vocal is lustrous and tender, but raw and unnerving. She breaks off her tears, and they flow in time like ghosts in haunt with the guitar. “This is all foreign land for me / So, baby, tread carefully,” she lingers on the notes just long enough to induce goosebumps.


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Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Emily James has just unveiled a stunning acoustic version of her pop-driven single Foreign Land. I've got to say that when I heard the original I didn't connect much with the song but this version is a whole different story. It goes to show that a beautiful production makes all the difference!

Stripping things back to an acoustic guitar-driven melody backing her beautiful vocals and delicate background harmonies, Emily completely got me hooked to this song. It's a raw and heartfelt rendition that showcases the tenderness and emotional vulnerability of her lyrics. I am in love with this acoustic version and her vocals are simply stunning making you feel each word she sings. She hit a home run with this one. Watch her performing this gem below!



It’s a beautiful combination of a single acoustic guitar take, a gorgeous voice, and a need to make sense of unfamiliar surroundings. A simple statement can carry power: this is natural to me.

Maybe it’s a type of survival mode, girl armor, this-is-my-destiny kind of thing, but any way you look at it the vocal delivery is understated and powerful and worth of praise. Not everyone can carry a pop song on the back of an authentic vocal and an acoustic guitar, but Emily James certainly can.



Emily James is a nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter. Growing up in New York, James was surrounded by a wide variety of musical influences. She began writing her first songs when she was ten. Incorporating the sounds of pop, rock, blues and folk into her original melodies. In August of 2016, James released her self-titled EP, Emily James. A year-and-a-half later, at eighteen, she released her debut album, Til the Morning. The 12-track album, written by James and produced by Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy), crosses over multiple genres. Her new single “Foreign Land,” was written and produced by James, who envisioned a modern pop sound for the production and built the track from bottom to top in her bedroom. “Foreign Land” is a step forward in the sound of James evolution as an artist, with its dreamy, pop-driven sound. That’s the short of it!


York calling

19-year-old American singer-songwriter Emily James turns love into an adventure in her new track Foreign Land.

By Graeme Smith

Foreign Land is an easy, chilled track about new love. Yet, how Emily James describes it, it feels more like a voyage of discovery. It is a delicately written song with a chorus that sticks with you, all delivered through beautiful vocals and percussion.


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19 year old singer/songwriter EMILY JAMES is here to hold your hand, for there is a long and trying trek through love that is on its way. The storm that brings chaos and heart-aches, is a phenomenon that we can absorb. It’s made bearable when listening to the rain-soaked subtlety of Emily’s vocal attenuation. The New York City native, now based in Los Angeles, started at age 10, and released her debut album at 18. Her determination and confidence for her craft, is an admirable part of her personality which seeps deep and wide into her songs. And that’s something to get into, no matter how you slice it.


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You may know Emily James as the creator of the song, “Never Chase a Boy.” That song has skyrocketed to millions of plays on Spotify, bringing James a bit of broader attention. But some of us have been following her career for years from her approachable folk acoustic YouTube videos to her rising pop star music videos. The combination of all facets of James – from her charming demeanor to her curated and authentic “look” – put her in a position to take off in a meteoric rise of star power.



“Dancing with a Thief” is the new hauntingly gripping single by indie-pop artist Emily James. The 19-year old singer/songwriter releases the self-written, self-produced stripped-back song today. The New York native who’s since moved to Los Angeles, says this about the song:

“I really wanted to show the vulnerability as well as the fear, temptation, and uncertainty that comes with falling into a reckless relationship.”



Set in the 1920’s era of speakeasies, “flapper girls,” and the music of the Jazz Age, “Nobody’s Baby” depicts a young woman who finds herself in a dead-end relationship and takes back the power, re-establishing her independence. By the end of the video, we see that she has broken free and revels in her new-found liberation.

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Emily James released her brand new #NobodysBaby before dropping her debut album #TilTheMorning. The very first lines set the tone to the rest of Nobody’s Baby. Almost like a satire, she sings: “I was a rainbow, he was colorblind / An optical illusion he couldn’t recognize”.

Emily James is a pop-influenced singer/songwriter, originally from New York, now based in Los Angeles. Her previous release was a self-named E.P. which she wrote entirely on her own and it speaks about the experiences and memories of a woman.

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Bitter Sweet Symphonies

Meaningful lyrics and elegant vocals wrapped in a jazz-pop ribbon make up Emily James' latest single, as the LA -based artist showcases great prowess going into her forthcoming debut album - Emily Oldfield reviews.

January and February can feel like tired times of the year – a lot of recycled material, recycled offers. Then new music works its way through and hits your eardrums like a dash of springtime – you celebrate in the sound. That’s certainly the effect of ‘Nobody’s Baby,’ the new single from Emily James.

Nobody's Baby Cover Art (small).jpeg

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Emily James – “Nobody’s Baby”
-If you’ve been reading this site over the past year, you’ve heard Emily James. We don’t know how she’s not a household name yet. She’s got the smooth vocal thing going for her in spades. If you were a fan of Norah Jones or even Haley Reinhart, you really need to give Emily James a spin. This track is jazzy and tells an intriguing and not always happy story.

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Gas Mask Magazine

Gas Mask has a first listen on Emily James’ soulful new track, “Nobody’s Baby." Check out what we thought of it below!

This week, we snagged an exclusive first listen to singer-songwriter Emily James’ new track, “Nobody’s Baby."  Right away, we were hooked with the jazzy, rich vocal qualities. The music is amplified by the simple pop/blues instrumentation to support her. The sultry sound of this song is a MUST. It’s the perfect track to remind all of us ladies out there: you are nobody’s baby!



We're talking challenges, triumphs, and what the future holds for Los Angeles-based pop singer/songwriter — Emily James.


Enter the Venture

LA-based singer-songwriter Emily James released the video for her new single, “If Walls Could Talk.” The song is about the idea that a room can witness the rise and fall of a relationship. The video features Emily playing piano and a dramatic dance, letting the song take the front seat and leaving room for the viewer’s imagination to wander and reflect on their own experiences.

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Jansen's Jamz

Her latest single is a gorgeous pop ballad, dipped in Adele-like tones. Starting with just an acoustic piano and her delicate, graceful vocals, it has an elegant fragility, which finds its way to your heart. The chorus is an expressive burst of pure passion, with delightful strings and spirited percussion. It’s an organic sounding gem filled with delicious tenderness and heartfelt warmth.


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Emily James first made a splash in the music world back in 2016 with a self-titled EP that demonstrated the songstress’ chops as a singer and songwriter. More recently, the New York native and current Los Angeles resident has been working on her debut release, Til the Morning, which is scheduled for release on February 9th, the lead single from it having been released within the past few weeks.


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2 Great New Releases From Incredible Singer Songwriters

We get it, we cover James a lot, but we don’t mind at all. Her pop sensibilities are as sharp as her dynamic lyrical prowess. Her ability to start with an expected piano intro before breaking into her own powerful pop sound is astounding. Lyrically, this is what the much-maligned genre is capable of. The young songwriter has been working with some major industry people and is set to have a meteoric rise in ’18, and rightfully so. Her work ethic and maturity soars past her limited experience and age. Like “Lion’s Den”, “If Walls Could Talk” is a near perfect romantic ballad that is sure to give even the most hardened listener the feels.



Singer/Songwriter Emily James is gearing up to release her debut album Til the Morning on Feb 9She began writing music at age 10, had polished her debut EP by 16, and is now set to release her full-length debut at age 18. We are thrilled to premiere the new single “If Walls Could Talk” today on GroundSounds. From the opening notes, you can tell her talent soars well beyond her years. The track is a beautifully constructed composition with big hooks and impressive vocals.


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The Inbox Jukebox moves to the beat of our hearts, powered by the feelings that move us. And today’s premiere from singer/songwriter Emily James has taken us by the hand to twirl us around the dancefloor. Her new track “Lion’s Den” is a bittersweet pop ballad with a country twang and we’re completely under her spell. 



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‘Fools & Jokers’ is the lead single off of her self-titled EP, Emily James, which was released on August 26, 2016. James is a pop-influenced singer/songwriter, originally from New York, now based in Nashville. She recorded ‘Fools & Jokers’ this past year and collaborated on the EP with Grammy Award-winning producer Jacquire King (James Bay, Norah Jones, Kings of Leon) and producer Ian Fitchuk (Maren Morris, James Bay, Kris Allen).


Wonky Sensitive

Originally from New York but now based in Nashville, emerging 17-year-old singer/songwriter Emily James has today released her self-titled debut EP and has shared its striking lead single, "Fools & Jokers", which she wrote this past year. For the EP, Emily collaborated with three-time Grammy Award-winning and multi platinum selling record producer Jacquire King(James Bay, Norah Jones, Kings of Leon) as well as Ian Fitchuk (Kris Allen, Lissie). The lyrics and melodies she wrote for the EP take listeners through a series of heartbreak and change, moving from soulful pop to blues to soaring ballads. "I enjoyed every moment of creating this EP and am beyond excited to share it with the world," says Emily, who will be going back into the studio to record more music later this year. 


Conversations about her

Please meet 17-year old Nashville based “Pop-influenced” singer, songwriter and musician Emily James as she debuts “Fools & Jokers“, the lead single from her forthcoming self-titled debut EP, which is out on iTunes today and can be purchased here

The 5-track eponymous EP sees the New York native working with Grammy Award-winning producer Jacquire King (James Bay, Norah Jones, Kings of Leon) and producer Ian Fitchuk (Kris Allen, Lissie, James Bay), with all the lyrics written by James herself. Speaking about the creating of the record, she said, “I enjoyed every moment of creating this EP and am beyond excited to share it with the world”.


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In this interview spotlight, we chat with Nashville’s Emily James about her influences, her music, the new project, and more.

Full Q&A, links, and a stream of her EP is available below.